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We Care Restoration is your full-service
restoration and renovation company

Restoration and Renovation Services

We Care Restoration Ltd is your full-service renovation and restoration company. Whether it is an emergency situation or general maintenance for your home or business, we can provide you with the service you need, in the most cost-effective manner, and with the least amount of inconvenience to your life and business.

Focused on the restoration and preventative maintenance service of your spaces. You can contact us, we will be there for your renovation services. We Care Restoration Ltd specialized in restoration and renovation services, including listed below.

Renovation Services
asbestos removal

Asbestos removal

Asbestos has deadly health implications and you can protect your family, staff and customers by hiring We Care Restoration to help restore your home safely with experts trained to identify, test and remove the asbestos contaminated building materials.

Duct Cleaning services

Duct cleaning

Cleaning your ducts creates a cleaner environment, improves your air quality, removes smells and odors, and improves the efficiency of your HVAC system.  We utilize the RamAir® air duct cleaning equipment – the most efficient, easy-to-use duct cleaning system on the market.

carpet cleaning services

Commercial carpet cleaning

We Care Restoration will deep clean your carpets to remove contaminants, stains, and allergens, keeping your family, staff, and customers healthy, while extending the life and performance of your carpet. Your visitors will feel relaxed.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Inspection and Cleaning

Commercial kitchen exhaust system inspection and cleaning

We Care Restoration is certified to inspect and clean your commercial kitchen exhaust system from top to bottom to ensure you do not have any fire hazards and unforeseen interruptions to your business due to challenges with your kitchen ventilation system.

Sanitization and cleaning process

Sanitization and deodorization services

We Care Restoration technicians do it all – office deep cleaning, sanitizing vast commercial facilities, vehicle sanitization, and home sanitization and disinfection, following Centre for Disease Control and Environmental Protection Agency protocols, to ease the burden on you to keep your family, staff and customers safe.

Sewage Backup and Cleanup Services

Sewage clean-up

Sewage spills can lead to tremendous amounts of damage if they are not professionally handled as quickly as possible. The sewage cleanup teams at We Care Restoration have the training to take on both commercial and residential sewage water backups immediately and effectively.

Mold removal and cleaning water damage

Mold removal and remediation

You owe it to your property to deal with mold contamination swiftly, and at We Care Restoration, we believe we owe it to you to do the same. Our highly trained, IICRC certified mold removal technicians treat your mold problem as if it were their own.

Roof Water Leakage Repairing Services

Water damage remediation and restoration

Water damage remediation is the time-sensitive process of restoring your home or business after water damage emergencies, which We Care Restoration takes seriously with prompt service, getting you back to pre-damage conditions are as quickly as possible.

Dry Ice Blasting Restoration Services

Fire damage and restoration

When you need expert fire damage restoration, home and building owners can trust the fire damage restoration team at We Care Restoration to be the company that will help you even under the most disastrous circumstances.

Disaster Restoration Services in Alberta Peace

Disaster Restoration

Disaster restoration does not need to be as overwhelming as you may think, especially when you have We Care Restoration at your side

Dry Ice Blasting Restoration

Dry Ice Blasting, also known as CO2 blasting, is an innovative and green restoration method that utilizes solid carbon dioxide pellets to clean and restore surfaces.

Disaster Restoration

Disaster restoration does not need to be as overwhelming as you may think, especially when you have We Care Restoration at your side