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Assure Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services

80% of commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaners are not certified to clean as per National Fire Protection Association standards.  It is important that restaurant owners understand how quickly kitchen hood and exhaust duct systems can become contaminated with grease. This grease build-up presents several health and safety challenges in an environment where fire hazards are a real concern. Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning systems should be maintained according to NFPA 96 (National Fire Prevention Agency) guidelines and standards. This means restaurant kitchen hood and grease exhaust cleaning work must be completed proficiently and according to industry-mandated schedules. The We Care Restoration team is certified in this area and can help ensure that these highest of industry standards are met; thereby providing a safe workplace for your team while ensuring insurance costs are minimized.

Commercial hood cleaning system & Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning requires very specific methods, chemicals and equipment to be done successfully. At We Care Restoration, certified technicians understand that different styles of cooking and cuisines produce different types of grease. These differences will determine what types of chemicals are used, how long a job will take and what additional equipment will be needed. We have the right tools, training, and cleaning chemicals for every kind of job.

We Care Restoration Ltd is certified and prepared to offer you a complimentary full digital inspection from top to bottom to ensure you do not have any fire hazards and unforeseen interruptions to your business due to challenges with your kitchen ventilation system.

We Care Restoration will:

  • Clean the entire system (filters, ducts, fan) from top to bottom,
  • Provide before and after photos,
  • Lube your fan with every cleaning,
  • Change your grease pad on your fan so grease does not drop on your roof,
  • Change your fan belt once a year to avoid downtime,
  • Clean your make up air filter on your roof so you have good circulation in your kitchen,
  • Leave your space cleaner than when we arrived.

Trust We Care Restoration to provide you with the inspection and cleaning of your commercial kitchen exhaust system to prevent emergencies that will put your staff and customers at risk and cause lost revenue and increased expenses.

By working with We Care Restoration, restaurant owners can rest assure their kitchen areas are cleaned to the highest of market standards. Book your complimentary digital inspection today by contacting We Care Restoration.